Career Services

Career Services


“Students at NECI learn the fine Art of Externing. They learn how to market and promote themselves. They form a network of connections. They learn how to communicate. They are comfortable in the back of the house and the front of the house. They develop a critical eye for everything that affects the customer’s experience.”
--Neil Archibald, Instructor, Food and Beverage Business Management


In Career Services, we provide students with the necessary knowledge for educational growth and career advancement. We offer Professional Development courses which provide students with instruction on the following life skills:  resume and cover letter writing, goal setting, interviewing techniques and virtual self marketing e-portfolios.  Students will also be taught best practices on applying and interviewing for appropriate externship opportunities.

It is our goal to maintain strong relationships with the food and beverage industry throughout the country; we capitalize on our strong industry reputation to help provide our students with opportunities that will enhance their intellectual and personal growth.

Career Services externship and Career Path Support

All NECI residence programs require at least one externship. Support is provided to all students as they pursue their externship(s), but students are responsible for managing the site selection process and securing employment. All externship selections must be pre-approved by the Career Services Department.

The externship Committee will help the student determine the best externship sites based on ability, career goals, finances, and geographic preferences. Career Services provides a variety of resources and support to assist students in their selection, including a career seminar in all residence programs. NECI maintains a list of approved externship sites, from which students are strongly encouraged to select.

All alumni have ongoing support for continued employment from NECI through Career Services. Graduates have access to a national employment database on the NECI Alumni website, view jobs now.

Career Services Contact Information:
Eunice Jordan