Externship Overview

Externship Overview

The externship is a very personalized process for each student; the student’s research and energy directly affects the quality of the externship experience.  There are certain criteria that play a role in every student’s externship : financial, housing, previous experience and time of year all impact the student’s choices and outcomes.

Career Services maintains 500 approved externship sites all over the country, with a wide range of food style, settings, pay scales and other benefits like housing.  We are adding and subtracting externship sites all the time – site eligibility is reviewed every two years and we consistently update contact details of sites on our database.  Additionally we maintain close relationships with several premier restaurant groups and hotel and resort chains to provide opportunities to students who are excelling during residency.  Our international externship site list is also growing and we have organizations that can assist students attain international work visas.

Externships allow you to gain real insight into what many professions in the food world can be like on a daily basis.  What better way to see how you fit - to decide on a niche or create your own.   Our mission is for NECI externs to demonstrate the skills, knowledge and exceptional hands-on ability they have acquired here while building lasting relationships and connections in resorts, hotels and restaurants around the world.

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