Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

Definition of Academic Year

Tuition and fees for all programs are shown per academic year. An academic year is defined as two 15 week semesters for a total of 30 weeks.

Cost per Academic Year

Tuition                                                                         $700 per credit hour
Residence Hall – Standard Room                              $11,199 ($3,733 per semester)
Dining Hall Charge                                                     $3,000 ($1,500 per semester)
No Dinner Meal Plan                                                  $1,500 ($750 per semester)
Technology Fee                                                          $400 ($200 per semester)
Materials Fee                                                              $810 (first semester only)
Health & Accident Insurance for Full-Time Students    (optional with waiver)

Credit Hour By Degree

Certificate       24
Associate        62 (60 credits for AOS in Food and Beverage Business Management)
Bachelor         120

Residential Programs Other Fees

In  addition  to  program-specific  fees,  other  fees  may  be  assessed  for  retake  coursework,  Advance Placement testing, and reinstatement of enrollment.

Assessment for Prior Learning (APL Fee)                   $1,000
Technology Fee                                                            $200 per semester
Reinstatement/Re-enrollment Fee                               $275
Retake Class Fee                                                        $100 plus $700 per credit hour
Retake Fee - Room/Board                                           $410 per week
Retake Fee - Board Only                                             $123 per week / $77 per week (dinner only)
Dorm Damage                                                             Varies - refer to Student Handbook
School Behavior Policies                                             Varies - refer to Student Handbook
Health Insurance Option                                              Varies - refer to Student Handbook

Online Programs Other Fees

In addition to program-specific fees, other fees may be assessed for retake coursework and reinstatement of enrollment.

Advanced Placement Testing                                     $1000
Reinstatement/Re-enrollment Fee                             $275
Retake Class Fee                                                      $100 plus $700 per credit hour

Please contact the Student Financial Services Office at