Financial Aid

Financial Aid: You Can Do It!

NECI is dedicated to making the education we offer affordable and accessible. Throughout the process, NECI's Financial Aid Office provides information on the application process, scholarship opportunities, state, federal, and private aid availability. Financial Aid is available to those who qualify.

Over 80%  of NECI students receive Financial Aid assistance. For terms beginning on or after July 2016, you will need to complete the 2016-2017 Free Application for Federal Student Aid anytime after 1/1/2015 at NECI’s school code is 015904.

We strongly encourage students and parents to complete the IRS Data Retrieval process within the FAFSA application, if you are eligible.  We advise you to file your 2015 federal tax returns electronically first, wait three weeks for the IRS to process, then complete and submit the FAFSA for processing using IRS Data Retrieval if you or your parents are eligible to do so.  If there will be a delay in filing your tax return for 2015 or you are in need of a financial aid estimate before you can confirm your enrollment plans, you have the option of completing the FAFSA with estimated income figures and submitting a correction to your FAFSA income section(s) at a later time once your tax return is filed.

To apply for NECI merit based aid as listed in the Financial Aid Fact Book, submit all required documentation to the Admissions Office during your application process but no later than sixty days prior to term start.

Our Financial Aid Office staff are here to help you navigate through this important process.

Office of Financial Aid

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