Our students don’t stand still.

Externships allow you to gain real insight into what the many professions in the food world can be like on a daily basis. What better way to see how you fit—to decide on a niche or create your own?

The externship provides students with the opportunity to further apply and practice the information and skills they acquired during residency.  Students set learning goals prior to the start of their externship, reflect on their progress throughout the externship, and provide documentation of their learning experiences.  NECI maintains a broad database of local, national and international approved sites that are monitored and updated regularly. Externships are also available at NECI Students are strongly encouraged to pursue an externship at one of those pre-approved sites.

Externships are also available at NECI including a specialized program that prepares students for work in Michelin starred restaurants at home and abroad. Degree program Externships require 495 hours of work experience at an approved site, Certificate programs require 135 hours. The certificate and Associates degree programs require one externship. The Bachelor's degree program requires two. Students are required to maintain ongoing contact with the school during the externship program.  As part of the externship program, students participate in an online course through which students receive ongoing advice and input from Career Services and their NECI instructors throughout their externship experience.

The NECI Network

NECI has more than 500 approved externship sites nationwide, offering a wide range of cuisine, locations, salary, and benefits. Our database is consistently updated. Students who excel during their residency may be given the opportunity to extern with one of the premier restaurant groups or hotel and resort chains with whom we maintain close relationships. Our list of international externship sites also continues to grow. Our graduates work all around the world. By the time you finish your program at NECI, you will have developed an impressive list of contacts—from peers and colleagues to externships, guest speakers and instructors, NECI staff and NECI alumni.

“I am always enthusiastic to take NECI graduates and externs into my kitchen. They have the drive and the culinary foundation to back up the passion for cuisine.”
--Patrick Ponsaty, Corporate Chef, Grand Restaurant Group, ACF-MCF