Passion. Hard Work. Experience.

  • Small classes

  • Farm to table mecca

  • Great externship opportunities all around the world

  • Excellent job placement

  • Better training. Hands-on learning. Total immersion.

  • Military-friendly school

  • Great financial aid

  • Vermont!

Our passion.

“NECI is where I first realized that I wanted to do this for the rest of my life.” Robert Capazzi, ‘00

Our people.

“At NECI, I learned the importance of valuing the people you work with at all levels--how to create a culinary team--from the field worker to the chef. Give me a NECI student and I know the job will be done right.”
--Matt Crudder, NECI alumni, Executive chef, Sodexo at the National Geographic Society

Our restaurant classrooms.

Why spend your time staring at a blackboard from the back of a classroom when you could be cooking?

Our externships.

“When students come back from their externships, we notice how they’ve grown and changed. They are more confident, edgier, eager to learn more, more demanding. They have a better idea of where they fit in the world.” --Michelle Ford, Department Chair, Food and Beverage Business Management

Our faculty.

“It all starts with a positive attitude--the amount of information can be overwhelming. Professionalism means taking instruction. At first, the students have a tough time pulling it all together. As they get further along, students can get more creative. We are here for them all along the way. And beyond.” --Chef Lyndon Virkler, Department Chair, Culinary Arts

Our community.

“I meet and work with a lot of great people, but there’s something different about graduates from NECI. It’s their work ethic and attention to detail. You just don’t find it everywhere.”
--Duff Goldman, host of the Food Network’s Ace of Cakes

Our attitude.

“NECI grads are famous for their humility. You see people from other schools wearing toques after their first week! At NECI, you have to earn your chef’s hat.”
--Nicholas Terry ‘14