We grow great chefs

Our mission is to help you create a challenging, fulfilling life.

The food and beverage industry contains an enormous variety of opportunities. We’re here to help you find your niche and to provide you with a firm foundation of skills. How do we do it?

By providing:

  • Small classes for active, personalized, inspired learning.
  • A standards-based education.You cannot move to the next level without mastering the principles and skills of the previous level.
  • Interdisciplinary learning that provides a wide variety of skills. NECI graduates meet the challenges this industry will throw at them.
  • Focus on promoting excellence in professional conduct and ethics.
  • Preparation for advancement, creativity, and innovation in a dynamic, fast-changing industry.

And by:

  • Helping students to understand their role in society by embracing diversity, encouraging community involvement, and promoting global awareness.
  • Honoring our connection with Vermont, the environment, the agricultural and artisanal communities by embracing local and sustainable cuisine, promoting the chef-farmer connection, and modeling environmentally sensitive business practices.
  • Developing opportunities for faculty and staff to model life-long learning and participation in the greater professional community.
  • Promoting pride in the institution and professional networking through ongoing communication with alumni.